Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coco Chanel

"The principle that women have to dress themselves, not for the pleasure of their men! Freedom is never out of style" - Coco Chanel.
Shirley Maclaine has done justice to the philosophy of Gabriele Bonheur Coco Chanel in this movie... Oh how I love Coco Chanel!!! Feminist View of life is produced in a new light by Coco Chanel in her own special ways... She is such an inspiration!


My love for Head gears has evolved from my reading of Coco Chanel's history in "The Life and Legend of Coco Chanel" by Justine Piccardie. Chanel was a miliner once in her life before she started her fashion designing business. A wonderful book really!! It is a MUST-buy, MUST-read book. I recommend it for anyone interested in Fashion and how Fashion has evolved through the modernist period into our post-modern world. And indeed, our very own "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Caroll gives us a clear picture of how mad a person can be when it comes to Hats... I'm not saying Head Gears are Hats, but both have the same origin as we might as well have known... Do read this:
"There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter."
These head gears are not mine nor are the pictures. But if it belongs to anyone, I will willingly delete them... I am just filled with so much passion for head gears right now and the past few months... "Black Swan" movie has also pushed me so hard to post this one here on my blog... So here I am... Hope ya'll like it.
Feathers aren't meant not only for sexual purposes, just so u know... They're meant to make you look more sophisticated, given the circumstances of wearing them as head gears... and of course, with a little bit of class and glamour!! Oh yes, CONFIDENCE TOO!!
These head gears make me speechless... so speechless indeed... wish I could grab some of them and actually wear them...



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