Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Favorite Lunglen Magazine Covers!

This was from the Issue December 2009. I was the Fashion Stylist. Model is Zodini, a friend of mine and the make-up artist was Taboiha Fanai, my close friend. Wardrobe by Sangboihi, a fashion designer from Aizawl.
From Jan & Feb 2009. The model is Rosie, sister to Zodini from the first photo. The make-up and Hair stylist was Hlutea.

From July 2009, the model is Tinie Mohini Thapa from Aizawl. She is a singer and she was a contestant in Indian Idol 2009. An old classmate of mine from St. Paul's Higher Secondary School, she can be very sweet and funny. Make-up Artist is Hlutea. The shoot took place in Hlutea's "Hair and Beauty Salon" at Bazar Bungkawn in Aizawl, Mizoram.

Magazine: Lunglen Magazine, Aizawl, Mizoram.
Photographer: Dinagrafix. (All the pictures are shot by him.)
Make-up Artists: Hlutea & Taboiha Fanai
This was from December 2007. The model is Mami Varte, a singer from Mizoram, a friend of mine. The make-up artist was Hlutea, my close friend. Wardrobe from Fashion Avenue.

This was June 2010 Issue. The model is Kimkimi. The make-up artist is Taboiha Fanai.

From August 2010, the model is Ruati from Education Department in Mizoram University. The make-up artist was Taboiha. Wardobe by Computerised Embroidery, Aizawl.

From September 2008, the model is Irene from Aizawl. Make-up by Hlutea. Wardrobe by Sangboihi.

From October 2008. The model is Vewy, a Beautician/make-up artist from Aizawl. She has got her own salon "Vewy's Beauty Concept" in Zarkawt, Aizawl. The Make-up Artist is Hlutea, who has also got his own Beauty shop in Bazar Bungkawn, Aizawl. Wardrobe by Sangboihi.

From November 2009. The model is Ruby from Doordarshan Aizawl. Make up by Hlutea. Wardrobe by Muanpuii Chinzah.

From May 2008. The model is Velosa from Aizawl. Make-up by Hlutea.

From March 2011. Make-up by Taboiha Fanai. Wardrobe by Computerised Embroidery.
This was the first anniversary Issue on August 2008. The model is Maggie from Aizawl, a Gospel Singer. The make-up and Hair Stylist is Hlutea. Wardrobe by Sangboihi.

Christian Dior Haute Couture autumn/winter 2011.

"There are fashion shows. There are haute couture fashion shows and there are Christian Dior haute couture fashion shows." - Fashion Telegraph, UK.

So it has been established that Christian Dior (The House of Dior) has become the first fashion house in living memory to present a haute couture collection without a named couturier, following the sacking of disgraced British designer John Galliano.
This is the first Dior Haute Couture collection that is not designed by Galliano in 15 years. He was sacked in April amid allegations of racial and antisemitic abuse. I feel saddened to see that this collection is totally lacking the Galliano's touch!

Kate Moss for Vogue UK August 2011 by Mario Testino!



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