Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wedding Bouquets Made in Goosh!!

My take on a bride's bouquet is something that is very much a vital part of the wedding scenario. So I always give more attention to it whenever I am hired for a flower arrangement at a wedding. Two pictures of my bridal bouquets are shown here...

Blast from the past in Black n White!!!

This picture is from 2008, A NIGHT OUT with friends... Those were the days of riding around Aizawl City. But now, they're gone and I feel kinda nostalgic about those moments. I no longer have the chance to spend the kinds of moments like those... coz I've become more mature, maybe, I've become more independent, maybe... maybe its the other way round also...

My First Styling Course (Flopped)

It was in 2009 that a magazine called 'Ecclectic' was asking for a photoshoot with Magic N's Designs as shown in the 2009 Mizoram Designers' Week. Then the photographer was called and the location of the shoot was at JL's Home @ Thakthing, Aizawl. The model is a close friend of mine, named Judy who, at the moment is doing her P. hd course in Mizoram University. The name of this photographer will not be mentioned here. He himself had mentioned that he was not having any experience in Fashion photography and I was so shocked. But that was what had been arranged for us. And the outcome of this shoot did not find any publication as the magazine editors had turned all the pictures down. Here are some of my own pictures:

RED again!!!

Back in 2008, I used to love my Benetton Sweater. And I also loved my checked pants by Muanpuii Chinzah's First Collection from her first Fashion Show in Aizawl, back in 2008 at Mizoram Designers' Week.

Its nice when you have FUN!!!

I hope you love RED! ~~GOOSH~~

A blast from the past! These pics were taken 3 years back... My friends and I had gone out to have a quality time... I love double-buttoned coats so much... More are coming!

Lunglen Magazine Jan-Feb 2011 Cover.

My friend Taboiha Fanai is not to be under-estimated, for he can be a real artist when it comes to make-up artistry and hair-styling. And the same goes out for Dina, for Dinagrafix, who has become such a well-known photographer here in our beloved State, Mizoram. Dina has indeed changed the scene of photography and revolutionize its connotations to a whole new level. The Magazine Editor, Sangzuala Hmar, is not to be forgotten whenever this magazine is being mentioned. He has spared no pains in discharging his duties as an editor of a magazine that is really hard to administer and take care of. Here is the Jan-Feb Lunglen Magazine Cover:
Model: Eli
Magazine: Lunglen Magazine
Photographer: Dina for Dinagrafix
Make Up & Hair Stylist: Taboiha Fanai.

Freja Beha for Chanel winter 2011 Campaign!

Chanel creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, takes to a photo booth for the fashion house’s fall 2011 campaign starring Freja Beha Erichsen. Styled by former Vogue Paris editor-in-chief, Carine Roitfeld, Freja dresses as a cat and dons an interesting choice of makeup in these off-kilter images.



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