Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Joe Chhangte's Photography: Flowers.

A friend of mine from Lunglei, named Joe Chhangte (his facebook link here) took pictures of flowers that really caught my attention and I thought I'd share them here on my blog. So I asked him and he willingly agreed. I love these pictures so much so that I even fell in love with some of them. His photography is something that I really could connect to as far as my perception of flower photography goes. His Nature photography is also coming soon... (Flowers are so special for me that I have to differentiate them even in photography and that is why I deliberately put Flower photography and Nature photography differently) Enjoy the pictures
A Flowery Ray of HOPE!

Beauty and the Beast!

As the photographer himself puts it in "Mizo photographers" Group on facebook, "Beauty even in the smallest of things..."

A Star is born!

A whole buds of HOPES!!

This picture was taken 2 weeks ago, when we went out as a group. I suggested the concept and Joe shot the picture through his lens which came out as a perfect piece of beautiful photograph and I love the hope that comes with this flower.

CONGRATULATIONS! to Joe Chhangte, for taking beautiful pictures!! Keep up the Beautiful passion!!

Amber Heard for GUESS Fall 2011 Ad Campaign by Ellen von Unwerth

 Seems like Romance has a come-back for Guess this Fall... This Campaign is really beautiful and worthy of praise. Ellen von Unwerth has done one hell of a job in taking thee beautiful pictures. I love the fact that it is all in black and white, because it looks classic yet classy! Amber Heard looks absolutely gorgeous in this shoot and she fills up the whole ambience with her presence and we feel it... which we don't complain... :)

Campaign: Guess Fall 2011
Cover model: Amber Heard
Photographer: Ellen von Unwerth



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