Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blake Lively for Chanel

It’s official!!! Style icon Blake Lively has become the face of Chanel’s new Mademoiselle line of handbags; after wearing at least one piece of the iconic brand everyday for the last year or so.Monsieur Lagerfeld met Blake in July 2010 after she attended a Chanel show in Paris, wearing a man’s sequin-covered jacket by non other than Chanel. She said “Like all girls, I grew up with a fascination for everything the house of Chanel represents: timeless elegance, grace, sophistication, intelligence and feminine power”. The two of them hit it off immediately and she was chosen as an ambassadress.The campaign featuring the Gossip Girl will be released in March this year and was shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself. Blake says “it is an honor to be selected by Karl Lagerfeld to represent the new line of “MADEMOISELLE” handbags”.Above is the first look at Chanel’s Mademoiselle campaign with Blake Lively in adverts to be released through June. Despite rumours she’d be a no-show, the Gossip Girl actress landed in Paris this weekend to unveil her first advert for the handbag line. Photographed by creative director Karl Lagerfeld in Paris’ Rue Cambon, Chanel bucked the trend of using nudity to sell (January Jones is naked in her adverts for Versace purses and Natalie Portman topless for Dior perfume).

Lifestyle Geek: Gisele on French Vogue April cover

Naomi Campbell said: "Models need to earn their stripes - I just think the term is used a little too loosely. Kate Moss is obviously a supermodel but, after Gisele, I don’t think there’s been one." On 26 August 2008, the New York Daily News, in a list, named Bündchen the fourth-most-powerful person in the fashion world.
Lifestyle Geek: Gisele on French Vogue April cover: "Behold: GISELE BUNDCHEN on the cover of April 2011 issue of FRENCH VOGUE, modelling the lacy/see-through spring trend - a.k.a. a dress by D..."

Vogue Italia April 2011 Cover | RDuJour

Vogue Italia April 2011 Cover | RDuJour



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