Saturday, August 13, 2011

Zohmangaihi for Lunglen Magazine August 2011 Cover by Dinagrafix!

I love the August Cover for Lunglen Magazine for its sensual feeling in a very moody manner. The expression on the model's face is just so beautiful and secretive that one might mistaken it for a look of sadness. Dina of is to be praised for capturing such an important moment in the model's movement of expression. The dress comes from Computerised Embroidery (as always) and it looks beautiful on the model. The make-up artist, Taboiha, deserves a round of applause for creating an ambience of sensuality and not overdoing it to the extreme. The Fashion Stylist, Ruata (finished his design from WLC, Delhi) is also worthy of mentioning for he has done a remarkably good job in his styling.

Magazine: Lunglen
Model: Zohmangaihi
Photographer: Dinagrafix
Make-up Artist: Taboiha Fanai
Fashion Stylist: Ruata



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