Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Rendition of Mcqueen's Fall 2009 Collection at 'Alchiranga Festival' at IIT Guwahati by Mizoram University Students.

In the first week of February of 2010 (before Alexander Mcqueen's sad demise had shaken the Fashion World), a group of Mizoram University students, including me, had gone down to Guwahati to take part in the different competitions held in 'Alchiranga Festival.' We did took part in one big competition that was a Fashion Show Competition that was named 'HOT Couture.' There were three rounds in this competition and in the final round, I got to style the dresses for my team. The round was entitled 'Yin and Yang.' I was having an inspiration from Alexander Mcqueen's Fall 2009 Collection, especially of the Houndstooth patterned clothes as we had seen on the runways of Paris. I put together a few of the clothing items that we had including the Mizo 'PUAN' called 'Ngotekherh.' The outcome was not that bad as far as the materials that we had were concerned. The make-up was also very cold and icy like that of the models as seen in Mcqueen's show in 2009. So let these pictures talk:

This is my friend zodini, the skirt was made by me while we were in the IIT Campus itself-hand-stitched!

This is a picture of me and my friend, Zodini. I am also wearing a houndstooth patterned Jacket.

The music for this round was Michael Jackson's "Earth Song" and we were walking in a very slow motion.

My friend Mertu-i with Polka Dots Skirt

bd and mertu-i

My friend Aboihi, tailored pants worn as head-piece
Me, turning back from the crowd.

Zodini (Headpiece made from rags), Me (Headpiece from a houndstooth patterned Scarf), Bd and Mertu (Headpieces made from Mizo Traditional Puan 'Ngotekherh')
Ruati, Aboihi and Emeline.

Chhuangi, Emeline, Ruati and Aboihi

Aboihi n Bd

Emeline and Ruati. I totally love their expression here in this picture and this is my favorite picture from amongst these shots.

When I think back and reflect on how much energy we had spent there, I feel quite nostalgic even now.



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