Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thought for the Day!

“The highest compliment a woman can receive is 'My God, she looks smart!' Not 'She's sexy.'”—Alber Elbaz, Creative Director, Lanvin

"Savage Beauty" Exhibition may take place again in LONDON.

“Alexander McQueen appreciates the huge amount of interest the public has shown towards the Savage Beauty exhibition. We have been in discussion with a number of major venues in London for some time now however nothing has been finalised. Please be assured that an official announcement will be made the moment we confirm our plans for London.” - Alexander McQueen representatives via Daily Telegraph

"Dead Poets Society": Jacques Naude, Miles Garber, Bobby Nicholas, Sam Whitman, and Heather Marks for GQ Russia September 2011 Editorial by Yu Tsai.

I loved the movie "Dead Poets Society" in which Robin Williams starred, I have watched it like ten times plus. Now GQ Russia is doing a Fashion Editorial in which they shoot a kind of rendition of the movie and I really love what they have done for their September Issue. I love how they incorporate 'Bookworm-ism' into this editorial in a tone that is quite subtle. The models look like they are from the School of Romanticism when William Wordsworth's "Preface to the Lyrical Ballads" had spent its forces. I really appreciate Editorials like this one that tells not only the Fashion story, but also create a concrete illusion in the conceiver's eyes and mind.

Doutzen Kroes for Tiffany & Co. Fall 2011 Ad Campaign by Peter Lindbergh.


Princess  Diana was the Queen of people's hearts and she was my mom's and mine too. I really adored her then as I adore her now. Her good sense of fashion and her ever-lasting beauty, as well as her ever-ready helping hands made her to be the person that lives now in our hearts. Not only these features made her into her pedestal status, but she had also left an important milestone in the history of FASHION. She died on 31st August, 1997, but her memories linger on in our minds.

When Princess Diana presented the Cezanne Exhibition in Paris Grand Palais made by LVMH, the former French first-lady granted her a Dior new design handbag as a gift. Then this new Lady Dior was favored by Diana in a sudden, and she ordered every edition designed by Dior.

So when Diana visited the Birmingham Children’s House, she brought her Dior Handbag again, holding the child in her arms. This is a beginning of a success career…
Then several weeks later, Princess Diana went to Argentina, then she walked from her plane with the same Dior Handbag.
Lady Dior inherited the lasting advanced design spirit, and all handbags made by them have the same delicate hand-made high quality. The cannage of the bad cover is inspirited from a chair of Napoleon III. In the year 1947’s fashion show, Mr. Dior used this chair to entertain all his honored guests, and the Dior pendant in all his handbags became a forever classic from that moment on!

Today, designers all over the world create thousands of exclusive things but only few of them go down in history and become legendary.
A BIG Thanks to Princess Diana, Lady Dior handbag became a really cult handbag. A lot of famous women have chosen it as a unique accessory.

Lady Dior was released in mid 1990s when the creative manager of Dior Company was Gianfranco Ferre. At first the bag became popular when the First Lady of France Madam Chirac began to wear this exclusive Dior bag as she thought that the bag was gorgeous!
Later Lady Dior handbag became a deep success when Lady Di preferred it to the other handbags. In fact, it is Princess Diana’s name that was added to the bag’s name. It is still unknown whether it was merely a coincidence or the handbag was named Lady Dior on purpose. But anyway the legendary princess made this fashionable accessory a real success, provoked heightened interest in it and at the same time made it a symbol of a refined taste.
By the way, the legendary bag is pretty conservative. Lady Dior handbag design has not changed at all – it has a traditional square or rectangular shape, quilted flap, two short straps and a chain. Metal charms in the form of capital letters D, I, O, R are the only decoration.

Initially only the first ladies and celebrities could afford such a bag but now it can be bought at a much more moderate price. Dior brand has presented several models at the approximate price of 800 – 3000$. Catch the opportunity!

In the year 2008 the advertising campaign identity of Lady Dior handbag was Marion Cotillard. In the history of Lady Dior handbag there were such celebrities as Monica Bellucci, Diana Kruger and Carla Bruni among those who advertised it. John Galliano designed the cosmetics bag for Diorissime cosmetics and he derived inspiration from legendary Lady Dior handbag!

In British wedding tradition, the bridal party was made up of children. The groom's brothers, princes Andrew and Edward, served as his supporters -- similar to the American role of the best man.

The bride's cascade bouquet included gardenias, stephanotis, yellow roses, freesia and ivy. The yellow roses coordinated with the attendants' dresses.

No engagement is complete without an engagement ring and the engagement of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in February 1981, was no exception. However, when Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana, he did not have a ring. It was only later after she had agreed to marry him, that a selection of rings from Garrards, the Royal Family’s jewelers, were presented to Diana, who selected the now famous Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring.

The ring chosen by Princess Diana, was not specially made for her but was part of a “ready-made” collection. The chosen engagement ring comprised a stunning 18 carat oval blue sapphire, surrounded by 14 brilliant cut diamonds and set in 18 carat white gold. .
It has often been written that the ring’s gold band is made from Welsh gold. However, this is not correct, since it was Diana’s wedding ring that was made from Welsh Gold. The use of Welsh Gold for wedding rings is a tradition that was established in the 1930’s by the late, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother herself and one that has been followed ever since. Welsh gold is quite rare and very expensive to buy.
Sapphires were one of Princess Diana’s favourite gemstones. It has been suggested that the reason for this is because the sapphire reminded her of her mother’s engagement ring.
Over the years, Princess Diana’s blue sapphire engagement ring has achieved an iconic status amongst ring styles, with many brides to be choosing similar sapphire engagement rings.
Shortly after the death of Princess Diana in 1997, her two sons were invited to select some of their mother’s jewelry as keepsakes. Prince Harry chose the blue sapphire engagement ring. However, they made an agreement between themselves that whoever became engaged first, would have the right to give the ring to their fiancée.
More recently, with the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton, his mother’s famous blue sapphire engagement ring is once more back in the limelight. At the happy couple’s press announcement, Prince William explained that “It’s my way of making sure my mother didn’t miss out on today”


Snejana Onopka for Harper's Bazaar Ukraine, September 2011 by Pavel Havlicek

Ukrainian model, Snejana Onopka stars on the Harper’s Bazaar Ukraine September 2011 cover photographed by Pavel Havlicek. I don't like this cover much, but I must give it a 6 out of 10 ratings for the Chanel Bracelet.



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