Saturday, August 27, 2011

Drew Ralte's darker side of life in a melodramatic way!

There is a boy (A man to be exact) who loves nature (added my own assumptions). His photography is as quiet as his personality (As far as my perception of his personality goes) and his concepts seem to lead their ways toward freedom from conventional norms. This time, however, for the first time, here on my blog, I feel deeply photographically voguish to have the permission from the said man above to feature two of his beautiful pictures that are (for me at least) quite dramatically and darkly (yet graciously) Romanticized. The aspect of dark Romanticism in these two photographs has taken me by surprise from the first time I laid my eyes upon their vommitting beauty.


"Belle Curve" Robyn Lawley for Vogue Australia September Issue 2011 Editorial by Max Doyle.

Plus-sized beauty Robyn Lawley stars in “Belle Curve” featured in Vogue Australia September 2011 lensed by Max Doyle. This is a bit more heartwarming than the June 2011 Editorial of Vogue Italia. The reason is that in this shoot by Doyle, Lawley is wearing an actual clothing, showing the world that big sized people can get access to high fashion. Bravo!! to Vogue Australia.

Tiiu Kuik for Harper’s Bazaar Turkey September 2011 by Koray Birand.

Stylishly sophisticated Tiiu Kuik graces the Harper’s Bazaar Turkey September 2011 cover photographed by Koray Birand.

"Escape Artist" Jeneil Williams for Elle US September Issue 2011 Editorial by Laurie Bartley.

Photographer Laurie Bartley captures Jeneil Williams in “Escape Artist” featured in Elle US September 2011. Black is indeed, BEAUTIFUL

Julia Saner for PF Magazine September Issue 2011 by Willem Jaspert

Stunningly beautiful, Julia Saner stars on the PF (Playing Fashion) Magazine September 2011 cover lensed by Willem Jaspert.



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