Monday, November 16, 2009

A TRIBUTE TO A DECEASED FRIEND titled "A Note to you, Elte!"


This poem is composed for a deceased friend, Eltea, who was a wonderful friend. His absence has made me wonder about what thoughts might have been there behind those smiles, those true innocent smiles.... In this poem, which I have titled as "A Note to you, Elte", I have put inside a few names from amongst my circle of friends, who have also been good good friends to Eltea. And some lines might make you, as readers, feel somewhat not connected to the poem, because of the moments that I have put inside as a memory lane.
He truly was a friend indeed, and I want to take this opportunity to tell him that not only I, but our circle of friends have missed him so much. "Elte, you might not be here with us in this world, but we have memories of you and your sweet smiles, your laughs and your talks. We feel left out by you because you left so abruptly without leaving any goodbyes, you should have at least said goodbye in a proper way. At times, we feel like seeing you again just to slap your face because of the way you left us... May your soul rest in peace!"

A Note to you, Elte!

You were with us, oh yes, you were
There at the “Silvermoon” square;
Noel and B’no by your side
Laughin’ on and talking light;
Finding muses to make us smile
Filling glasses to drink in style;
Remembering your phrase “glass mate”
Ringing in our thoughts fully awake;
Midnight comes and so will morn
Who knows if morrow might scorn;
The night is young and so are we
Show must go on and so must we.

There we dance at the “Pink Party”
Your pink shirt starts with a ‘T’
It’s “Like a virgin” there we sang
The lil’ bitch kissing ‘A’ with a fang;
“Black n White Revolution” down the West End
Raymond pouting with’e ray-ban;
Madonna pushing us to ‘go with the flaw’
Manoah p’forming with a mighty thaw;
Fred and Bec in the ‘get busy’ groove
Nans and Goosh get down to the groove;
Those were the days that gone past us
Filled with memories of the lingered past.

Sev’n Nine Six O to pick you up
Xavy and Fab to follow up;
With Mike ‘n’ Machh’, be by their side
In their friendship you must confide;
Roaring aloud in the streets of ‘Zâwl
Anxieties have gone with the yawl;
The time has come to catch the wind
Go on my guys, go catch the wind;
Let time run past the speed of light
Whole night lay there enjoy the flight;
Traffics have gone, Elte, ya go drive
Way past that street, that Zarkawt Pride.

“Around we hang at the café there
Coffee we sip’d with g’sip no spare;
The smiles you flash what lies beneath
Beyond that space our senses seat;
Had we but known ‘ur inner fears
Drawn back might be a thousand tears;
In deep disgust U make us feel
Helpless in grief and tears in reel;
Realize you will what consequence
Lead us to that lonely sequence;
Realized we have of ‘ur goodness
Bearing burdens in singleness.”

Pompous days are ‘gone with the wind’
‘Lover’s Vows’ broken and in ruin;
Parting are friends to mend their ways
Only to find friends keep solace;
God only knows what lies ahead
Great deeds might lie with sinful dread;
Tears of joy and that of pain
Trickling down on cheeks like grain;
Melting in the sea of tears
Might we but find a track of fear?
Anxieties be cast away
Heav’n only knows what dreams might lay.


  1. goosh u so talented....lungkuai top....btw i just so love da rhyming thing...

  2. Matre, ur words are wonderful!! I can't say we were gud friends but iv'e known him for a veri long tym n i trust he truly is a wonderful person inside out...Its amazin how u can write such a heartbreakingly beautiful poem...m so envious ;-)

  3. yeah. elte-a. he was a good soul. he deserved better.




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