Sunday, May 16, 2010


On the left. Shirt, Yves Saint Laurent. On the right. Dress, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci; hat, Katharina M; sandal, Giuseppe Zanotti Design
Despite her twins, Emme and Maximilian, her marriage with Latin pop star Marc Anthony, her long break and luxury commuting life between Los Angeles and her country home outside New York, she has not changed. She is still "Jenny from the block", thanks to a solid family, but also because of two failed marriages that have helped her understand what love is. Now she feels ready to talk about it. In song. 
Cardigan, corset, skirt and shoes by Dolce&Gabbana
"Going to love lessons could help us in our lives". With three marriages and a series of stormy relationships behind her, Jennifer Lopez speaks with experience. Sitting in the study in her country home outside New York, she touches on the argument by talking about Love, the first album produced since the birth of her two twins, Emme and Maximilian.
On the left. Dress, Gucci; gloves, Maison Fabre. On the right. Robe bustier, Antonio Berardi
"Love is the most important thing in life, but we never talk about it enough", she stresses. "Today, I feel I'm a more aware person. I don't want to try and teach anyone anything, because I don't reckon I have all the answers in my pocket. But I would like this record to help people think".
Bodysuit, Eres; dress and sandals Prada
The six years passed with Marc Anthony and maternity have changed her points of view. A few months before the birth of the twins, she chose to leave the public scene for the first time since coming to the fore as actress, in the mid 1990s. This has been a healthy break for her, giving her the time to reflect and the desire to restart the role of sexy diva she has always played. "At the beginning, everything revolved around the kids. Now, they remain the priority, but I've reacquired my sex appeal and energy".

Shirt and shorts, Yves Saint Laurent

Dress, necklace and shoes, Lanvin
Nicola Scevola, from Vogue Italia, May 2010 (n.411), p. 156 - 167


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