Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Gucci celebrated its 90th birthday by opening the Gucci Museo in Florence.  The museum displays the iconic brand's rich history, from its Italian beginnings to its international fame.
"The intent is to tell our story and make it visible for everyone, doing something with and for this city," Gucci president and chief executive office Patrizio di Marco told WWD.
The museum holds contemporary art installations as well as Gucci pieces.  Di Marco added that he wants the space to be "dynamic" rather than "nostalgic" with themes changing year round.

The first room of the museum centers around travel.  Gucci founder, Guccio Gucci became fascinated with high-end luggage when he worked as a busboy at the Savoy Hotel in London.  The centerpiece of the room is a limited edition 1979 Cadillac Seville designed by Guccio Gucci's son, Aldo. 

 The car is lavishly decorated with green and red stripes and monogrammed with the brand's infamous GG monogram.  It still runs.

Other rooms are dedicated to Gucci jewelry, lifestyle items and its Hollywood connection.  The museum not only represents the success of a workwide brand, but a quintessentially Italian one.  The museum's location is Piazza della Signoria across from the Medici home - Palazzo Vecchio - reinforces Gucci as a symbol of Florentine heritage and history.
Di Marco told WWD that the museum is "an homage to the city.  Although Gucci is a truly international company, we are a Florentine success story.

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