Saturday, September 25, 2010

was this a correct thing to see?

Was this a correct thing to see?
In a place they called matrimony:
Wherefore they asked, “Love conquers all.”
I ask myself, “Is that love at all?”

“Two hearts,” they said, “But beat as one.”
“Mutual”, that word was one.
A bond that ties these hearts as one,
Can tie two hearts only as one?

I let myself to ask again
And tied my thoughts in vain:
“That bond you called matrimony,
Was that something you long to see?”

“Absurd,” a word I long to put
In line along that of my foot.
“Fidelity” was Wordsworth’s style,
But to nature he longed to smile.

Here are lovers, who long to act
Against nature, that stated fact.
One of these hearts, it fell and cracked,
Along each line, it crashed and smacked.

Those words were harsh that flew past by,
Hateful they were Oh my Oh my!
Such Hate can spring from all those lies.
“Such Hate,” I say, “Such powerful lies.”

“Broken” a word they didn’t foresee,
But fate was there to make them see
Those lies, those lies were put on trial
Along that line set by the friar.

Suspicions now come to light,
The Hearts that beat with all their might
To seek revenge among his friends
Who talked about the latest trends.

Set out was he that cruel Romeo
Avenge he must of his polio.
High pitched fever his heart did bore
Filled with anguish there at the core.


  1. Creativity comes from searching for the unexpected and leaping outside your own experiences... cool!!! keep it up!




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