Sunday, April 5, 2009

Current Fashion Trend - Spring-Summer 2009 THE JUMPSUIT

Today's fashion world is a place where power and sophistication gain important grounds. These two highlights give a description of the modern woman who is filled with power and elegance, who is not afraid to take the next step towards sophistication. The jumpsuit is one hot current fashion trend which sums up all the needed agreements for a modern woman who is a fashionista. There is a very interesting thing about this trend which originally reffered to the utilitarian one-piece garments used by parachuters and skydivers. The introduction of this suit into the fashion world was formerly done by Haute Couturiers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Rudy Gernreich and Vivienne Westwood among others.
Among the current fashion trends in today's fashion world, Jumpsuit is clearly an indication that power craves for attention. We've witnessed the comeback of the trend in most of the Fashion Weeks around the world. Karl Lagerfeld's jumpsuits contain sophistication which goes along really well with shiny leather belts.

At the same time, Alessandro Dell'Aqua's jumpsuits have their feminine touch with sensuousness


Dolce & Gabanna, however, takes a step backward and make their jumpsuits look chic, yet stylish.

We have a more dramatic touch with Alexander Mcqueen, presenting his jumpsuits with technical demonstration.

More drama is on the way with Maison Martin Margiela's jumpsuits which contain elusive and vague expressions.

A jumpsuit must fit perfectly and define the waist and it is a must to take care of the footwear for there is a risk of looking like a mechanic. Chanel's jumpsuits define this characteristics in its own sophisticated manner.

Moreover, Salvatore Ferragamo and Stella Mccartney have their jumpsuits look fashionably refined.

Young and fun-loving look is what topshop and Betsey Johnson tried to sell their jumpsuits with.

Collette Dinnigan's black jumpsuit is a statement in itself

and so is DKNY's.

This Jumpsuit has a very humble beginning as a workwear. But it has been elevated to the realm of high fashion. This suit offers an all-in-one outfit appeal that has made the dress a retail hit for the last few seasons.


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