Sunday, April 5, 2009

The hidden beauties of Flowers

The hidden beauty of flowers have an amazing effect on me right from my childhood days. Their carry with them an inner joy that can change a bad mood into a happy one. The Creator has His 'stylish'
way of expressing His skills in the forms of these beautiful flowers that surround us in our everyday life. Flowers possess that special quality of creating a 'smile' across our faces, which transforms the world around us with peace and understanding.
A red rose can touch that part of our sensory nerves which tends to take us into that realm of romance which is alwaies a pleasure that our hearts seek to find

A beautifully crafted Lilium always saves the wedding day!

A Purple Chrysanthemum, showing the creativity that God has in terms of artistic expressions

Dahlia's give me pleasures upon pleasures because they take me back into those beautiful memories in the past.... my childhood days, when my mother and I used to tend our gardens.

Pansies make me smile even after a hectic day. They possess a quality of peace and sensuousness.


  1. i do not know anything abt flowers but i love them :)

  2. why, that's just wonderful!!




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