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Since I was a child, my love for flowers have pushed me beyond the unreached, unwashed and untamed corners of the world, making me realize that there, in front of me, are obstacles which are about to define my life and yes, happy moments, that describes who I will be inside and out. The passion building up inside me has always been my source of inspirations and this is the state from where I will attain that level of being in a creative coma. My inspirations come from different places, things, times, situations and so on. Flowers give me so much amount of joy and peace that they tend to possess the very Nature of God, the Creator, which is unique and special in its own accord. I feel deeply blessed to have found so much inspirations from the wonderful creations of God. Flowers are, indeed, one special product of Nature in all its charms and special qualities.

Creativity comes from within and from the heart with a desired degree of passion. This passion is not to be let loose because if you tend to lose it, it cannot take the same form as it was before when u regain it again. It needs to be taken care of, because it bruises so easily and needs a tender touch. My favourite flower arrangements are shown here to depict my level of creativity. They are dedicated to all the people who are passionate about life and Nature, specially Flowers.

This particular arrangement was for 2008 Christmas service at Calvary Baptist Church at Lunglei, my hometown. It depicts that work of art which is stylish, yet very much natural and shows my inner self that longs for originality. I drew my inspiration for this arrangement from JJ Valaya's artistic Anthurium creations from his boutique.
And for this yellow Calendula flavoured arrangement, which has taken me back to those younger years when I used to play with roots and branches of a tree, mixing them together with dried flowers and mosses, collected from my grandmother's most treasured farm in Ramzotlang. This was a place that gave us so much amount of pleasure and those memories that we had in the farm will always be treasured forever.

As for the arrangement style and the background inspiration, it depicts that side of me, which is raw and natural yet quite amazingly soft and tender inside.

The next arrangement is all about joy, happiness and it shows a new beginning and a new start. It gives me hope for the future, and this was arranged for the Church Service on New Year's Day 2009. In a way, it is a depiction of my New Year's Resolutions which are being shown with flowers like Liliums and roses amongst a sea of limoniums.

And the next arrangement is taken out from my tranquil state of mind. It reveals that part of me wanting to have a peace of mind, expressing my longing for peace.

A White Bird of Paradise is something to behold!!
The following arrangements are done for a client whom I haven't met yet(till the date of her wedding). Her niece, a fashion Designer, hired my service for the client's wedding. I spent the whole day searching for different white flowers like Cala Lilies(wedding lilies), white roses, white Liliums, White Carnations and the flower that saved the day is a white colored 'Bird of Paradise' which was just so pure and wonderfully crafted by the hands of God. And I started my work from the evening till 2 a.m. on their wedding day. The guys from Zarkawt were just so helpful in drafting those bamboos for the flowers to be mounted on. The theme was orientally inspired.

Cala Lillies will never go wrong in any wedding.

Hlutea (middle) was the make-up artist for the bride on this day.

There is a very sweet lady in Aizawl and her son's wedding day was just as lovely, it was the Wedding of the year 2008 in Mizoram. I have been lucky enough to be a part of this wedding. The theme of the day was White and light yellow(Golden yellow) which makes it so much fun to undertake my work. I was working the whole day for this and my feet were hurting so much in the next morning, when I had finished my works of art. The twin arrangements in the Church shows an embellishments of white and yellow Liliums, Roses and Xanadu leaves from where a white linen ribbons fall down in spirals.

The reception hall contains different styles of arranged flowers which still conform to one another. The flower stands define a celebrated state of conformity for the flowers and the wedding day.

Gladiolas and Liliums are the main attractions for the hall and the cake table is tastefully done with a touch of ivy leaves that wrap the sides of the table around flowing down here and there.

The centre piece is specialy done with love for it is love that conquers the day...

Arranging the flowers inside the Banquet hall was so much fun, for the Ladies of Zarkawt were such wonderful companies. The grand arrangement, the centrepiece, has all the charms that an arranged flower can possess. I put a royale touch to it, making it look fabulous and eye-catching.


  1. my God...this is why i like you my dear friend..possessing the beauty that flowers had. u have make that unique creations of God visible with ure work.. keep it up dear..

  2. works of art!! Our church appointed me and a friend to arrange flowers this month, and i totally suck. I wish i have your skill, but then again, I prefer flowers growing wild :)

  3. i am again taken away with each and every arrangement. :)




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