Saturday, September 25, 2010

my thoughts are with you sonnet.

Dated 5th May, 2011. Its the 3rd time ive edited this work...I want to go in accordance with the Shakespearean Sonnet style of writing... I hope I don't commit no crime in writing this sonnet because sonnet has got such a strict rule.

My thoughts are there with you, oh yes with you,
High on wine and high on you.Seduce me
With your vines, I will read my lines to you
Make this world mine. Distance is far maybe,
Between you and I. But near are you here
In my heart and in my frightening mind.
How am I s'pose to spend my night out here?
I can't be lying here with my own kind.
Don’t let the heavens fall on me hold me
In your heart tonight, caress me and I,
I'll put you deep in my thoughts do hold me.
I yearn for that secret pleasure, yes I.
When holding hands meant being a part of us
That state when I become you that tied us.

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