Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lunglen Magazine Jan-Feb 2011 Cover.

My friend Taboiha Fanai is not to be under-estimated, for he can be a real artist when it comes to make-up artistry and hair-styling. And the same goes out for Dina, for Dinagrafix, who has become such a well-known photographer here in our beloved State, Mizoram. Dina has indeed changed the scene of photography and revolutionize its connotations to a whole new level. The Magazine Editor, Sangzuala Hmar, is not to be forgotten whenever this magazine is being mentioned. He has spared no pains in discharging his duties as an editor of a magazine that is really hard to administer and take care of. Here is the Jan-Feb Lunglen Magazine Cover:
Model: Eli
Magazine: Lunglen Magazine
Photographer: Dina for Dinagrafix
Make Up & Hair Stylist: Taboiha Fanai.

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