Sunday, July 10, 2011

My First Styling Course (Flopped)

It was in 2009 that a magazine called 'Ecclectic' was asking for a photoshoot with Magic N's Designs as shown in the 2009 Mizoram Designers' Week. Then the photographer was called and the location of the shoot was at JL's Home @ Thakthing, Aizawl. The model is a close friend of mine, named Judy who, at the moment is doing her P. hd course in Mizoram University. The name of this photographer will not be mentioned here. He himself had mentioned that he was not having any experience in Fashion photography and I was so shocked. But that was what had been arranged for us. And the outcome of this shoot did not find any publication as the magazine editors had turned all the pictures down. Here are some of my own pictures:


  1. Wow! Judy looks great. Kudos to both stylist and model. Nice blog too.
    Ps: Let's do a fun photo shoot sometime, with you as stylist and me playing at being a model :D

  2. I like the styling but about the photographs I think it's the composition that didn't work out much. In fashion photography focus don't matter that much. As long as the lighting is great it's all good. I'm not a pro as such..but I love photography...flipping through magazines and admiring the glossy pages/the models, it's just amazing. My recent fav being Liu Wen :) O did I mention! I'm good with photoshop. No really! I hope I'd be working with you guys in the future. Also yea ummm. you were my senior in school. I'd like to be anonymous for now. When I'm super confident with my photography and stuff. I'll turn up? XD
    P.S--Love the blog!




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