Tuesday, September 20, 2011


When people ask me about my job, they always say "so fun, so glamorous, you are so lucky!". Yes, today I feel very lucky to be here with all of you, with a life-changing challenge not only for me, but for all the people I can help. I asked myself in these few weeks what could be my commitment and what I could really do in this new role.

I will tell you.

I really want to do something important, something that could help changing the life of people.

I'm a dreamer, but even a businesswoman and a creative person and I'm used to achieve what I want. And I don't see any reason for which I couldn't do that this time.

I don't need to have a new honorific name in front of my own name. Today I don't care anymore. I want to do. I want to work. I want to become " the project".

How? To create a method, a system.

If I create a method, that of course could be adapted for the different countries, I can manage to build up a real project. I think fashion will never end and for any woman in the world it is a dream. But we have to make this dream affordable to everyone. How? With work.

I want to consider first who are the new designers who have the possibility of being known internationally and how to help them to get visibility. I have to understand which is the main ability of a Country, as  manufacturing, fabrics, embroideries, printing, coloring, beads, leather, wood, straw and create a sort of school where young people can learn.

Bringing people from Europe, America, India who could teach them how to work.

Opening small laboratories, which could become small factories and employ people and give them a salary and the opportunity to have a life, a real life, through their own work.

I want to collaborate with the government, You, the first ladies, prime ministers, ambassadors, to be sure that  your people are protected in their human rights.

They need to have a salary proportioned to the cost of the life in the Country they live in.

People should have the possibility to have places where they can work in the respect of the dignity of a human being. I need to have the support of the Government. I can do a lot involving designers and creative and technical people.

But I want the respect of the people and environment.

In many countries, where you go as a tourist, you can see how people are able to make wonderful clothes, bags, belts. They don't have a method, a system, and they sell for almost nothing to tourists. I can do more involving professional people.

I want to think big because big is this project.

I'm not a political person. I don't want to make promises that I could never keep.

I want to arrive at the end of 2012 and be seated here with you, and

share our satisfaction to have built up something. It couldn't happen everywhere.

With the good partners, we could start in many places.

I cannot change the world in one year but I can spend a lot of time and creativity to accomplish part of a system. I need you, your help. I need not to be alone because i know that a good group of people can really make a miracle.

I don't think to talk about project is easy. But I know my determination and strength in the fashion world and I want to use at maximum all the possibilities.

I want to make the same success I did with Vogue. You deserve it.

I only believe in culture and work to change the situation of the human being. Fashion can do a lot

I'll do it. Promise.
and I think no quote could be better referred to fashion than the one that has been chosen this year by the United Nations " Giving back is  the new luxury".

- Franca Sozzani

(Source: Vogue)

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